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Specialising in hydraulic presses since 1976

TPB 85 CE / 88 CE​

TPB 85 CE / 88 CE​

Piston pumps​

Piston pumps


The pumps with plunging pistons have been studied for feeding the spray-driers and for transporting ceramic slips and thick liquids. The pump is formed by:

two pistons, run by two hydraulic cylinders; suction and delivery valves which can be easily disassembled for rapid inspection or for cleaning the pump; an air accumulator; 

a control pressure gauge; a max. valve to adjust the working pressure at any value (within the fixed limits), and a safety valve. The pistons are coated with sintered alumina (this special coating guarantees long life and resistance to the high abrasive action of the liquids) and equipped with gaskets made of special wear resistant material with a low coefficient of friction.

Acimac Quality Mark No. 005 certified product

Max suction height (1.7 kg/dm3)3.5m3.5m
Minimum capacity ensured by the slip at the pump outlet, with a pressure of 30 bar26 cycles/min26 cycles/min
Pumping capacity9000 l/h13000 l/h
Working pressure5/30 bar5/30 bar
Volumetric efficiency90%90%
Installed electric power15 kW22 kW
Cooling water delivery (20°C)20 l/min20 l/min
Water piping connections3/8” gas3/8” gas
Hydraulic oil type (viscosity)4°Engler4°Engler
Power unit capacity150 l150 l
Profile pressure of the hydraulic circuit180 bar180 bar
Hydraulic circuit max. working pressure120 bar120 bar
Profile temperature of the hydraulic circuit50°50°
Profile temperature of the slip circuit10°/70°10°/70°
Net weight1290 kg1400 kg
Alumina percentage in the material used for the piston coating97 %97 %
Piston coating surface hardness15500/16500 HV 0,515500/16500 HV 0,5
Seal hardness43 SH43 SH

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