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Specialising in hydraulic presses, since 1976



Spare parts and accessories

Spare parts accessories

Spare Parts for ceramic industry

Our spare parts accurately match the technical features of the pieces originally installed on the machines and are mostly manufactured in our factory with NC machines; then, they are tested by our technicians. Our spare parts stock always has thousands of items to satisfy the differ- ent requirements of the ceramic industry.

Dati tecniciU.M.703705/709
Portata pompal/h120360
Inserti filtrantiQ.tà - Qty11
Potenza elettricakW0,180,25
Max. caduta di pressionebar22
Max. temp. fluido°C8080
Capacità accumulo cont. sporcoI1,54
Capacità assorbimento acquaI0,752
Peso a seccokg2255
Peso in operazionekg2863

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