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Specialising in machinery and spare parts
for the ceramic industry, since 1976

The company

Continuous growth

Founded in 1976, Tecnopress specialises in the production of machinery and spare parts for the ceramic industry.

Over the years, our dedication and passion have earned us a reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of piston pumps for ceramic slips and dense liquids. 

We build these machines in different capacities and with different regulation and power factor correction technologies. We are able to supply a complete range of spare parts and accessories for every type of piston pump manufactured by Sacmi, Siti and Icf, and of course by us. We offer a service, repair and regeneration of these machines both in our workshop and directly at the customer’s premises by our highly qualified technicians..

Tecnopress also markets and produces a complete range of spare parts for Sacmi, Siti, Icf-Welko and Nassetti brand presses.

Among the services we offer, we are proud to present pallet levelling for presses of all types and sizes. Using our own designed levelling machine, positioned directly on the cross beam, we are able to perfectly correct any imperfections in the pallet. In this way, the correct operation of the press will be restored, eliminating all production defects and mould wear.

MACHINERY AND SERVICES offered by Tecnopress:

  • Piston pumps 9000-13000 lt/h with both mechanical and electronic sensors
  • Spare parts for Tecnopress, Sacmi, Siti, Icf-Welko piston pumps
  • Regeneration and service on piston pumps
  • Filters for ceramic slips
  • Spare parts for Sacmi, Siti, Icf-Welko and Nassetti presses
  • Levelling the press bed
  • Off-line filter for press hydraulic oil (exclusive to Tecnopress)